Excellent Glorax Racing debut at Monza in the Blancpain Endurance Series 2015

Monza (ITA). A summer climate welcomed at Monza the 56 cars entered the first round of Blancpain Endurance Series 2015: with eleven Constructors represented, the SRO championship represents the highest level of competition and professionalism in duration races. Glorax Racing’s debut is at the same level: after a second place in qualifying, the race starts so peremptory with Mancini, half of his stint, taking the first place. Birzhin retains the position with a pit change and a race stint excellent. The victory is compromised by a drive-trough, inflicted for speeding in pit lane, and by a double safety car which, breaking the group into two, prevents the determined Mastronardi’s comeback to gain a very well-deserved victory.

However the third place in the Am Cup is a great prestige result celebrated on the podium and later in the party organized to celebrate also the Birzhin’s 34 years birthday.

Am Cup:

1. Earle-Talbot-Zanuttini (Ferrari 458);
2. Barthez-Pons (Ferrari 458);
3. Birzhin-Mancini-Mastronardi (Ferrari 458);
4. Loggie-Westwood (Audi R8);
5.Bachelier-Blanc-Mallegol (Ferrari 458).

Andrey Birzhin:

“I could not celebrate better my birthday! Great race strategy, fantastic driving sensations and a really good podium. Now we know we can win.”

Fabio Mancini:

“I had a big responsibility: the rolling start with over 50 cars is always very difficult. First of all I tried to not shatter… and then I led off until the end of my stint.”