Glorax Purchases GT3 Racing Team

Glorax has purchased the GT3 racing team Black Bull Racing and two Ferrari 458 GT3 racing cars.  The team, named “Glorax Racing,” will participate in Blancpain GT series and Blancpain Endurance series. This purchase will demonstrate the active position that Glorax Group takes in the sports world.

“Working as a team, as a single unity in order to achieve results in a highly competitive environment, that is part of Glorax’s DNA,” said Glorax Managing partner Andrey Birzhin. “We are new to this sport, but we’re here for the long haul and are actively working to win.”

The Blancpain website states that, in this series, particular emphasis is placed on the promotion of future talents, with the creation of the Silver Cup and the Sean Edwards Trophy as part of the Pro-Am Cup.

“This will be a great test of our teamwork,” said Birzhin.